Halcyon days

A refreshing antidote to the hard-edged beach resort, Australia’s newest boutique hotel finds that elusive sweet spot between nostalgia and the now.

Family affair

The home of creative couple Andrew Tarlow and Kate Huling is a reflection of their influential Brooklyn empire.

Fresh start

Skye Gyngell's new London venture reinvigorates both an historic space and a sisterly bond.

Memory upgrade

Squeezed between higher-profile neighbours, Cabarita Beach is not your typical tourism hot spot. But its perfect surf and barely touched beauty make it ideal for a new boutique hotel that recalls bygone summer holidays with a nod to thoughtful modernity.

New, Old Hollywood

So what of Old Hollywood glamour? Is that hidden world of poolside cabanas, private booths and prohibition-era style speakeasies all but gone? Have DJs in the lobby, obnoxious part-time model staff, a trendy makeover and a Hummer in the valet left that unintimitable Hollywood style in its tracks?