Fish, forage, feast

At Ballynahinch Castle, on Western Ireland's remote, rugged, Connemara Coast, a new generation is getting its hands dirty, making the kind of memorable meal you could only eat here.

New guard

What's old is new in Spain and this tapas bar typifies the trend for classic fare.

Family affair

The home of creative couple Andrew Tarlow and Kate Huling is a reflection of their influential Brooklyn empire.

Changing course

Far away from the glare of New York's test kitchens, two women go back to basics.

Fresh start

Skye Gyngell's new London venture reinvigorates both an historic space and a sisterly bond.

Good Bones

A young Australian chef takes on Paris with a new restaurant that celebrates a growing culture of integrity, simplicity and democracy in French dining.

St John

"We think this will be a hotel where people will actually want to eat at the restaurant," says Henderson, the beloved bon vivant of British cooking, known for popularizing the philosophy of ‘nose-to-tail’ eating.

Scribe Winery: California Vintage

Choice Grapes and Good Times at the Mariani Brothers' Storied Estate